With the benefit of our local offices and global network we are able to identify, design, finance and implement emission reduction and sequestration projects
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Our team of experts have over 20 years experience originating low carbon projects in emerging markets

Project development process
Starting with a Project Idea Note (PIN), we screen project feasibility to ensure projects will have the necessary foundation to deliver high value social and climate related benefits
During the design phase, we will engage with relevant stakeholders, project partners and participants to ensure project applicability. Using our wealth of experience we can identify the correct methodologies, modules and tools appropriate for each project
We secure funding and long-term finance through multiple streams throughout our global network. We have extensive experience negotiating offtake agreements with corporations and government bodies
We guide the project through the complex registration and issuance process, keeping up to date on policy changes and updates to methodologies

Improved Cookstoves

The project activity, led by Agasco in partnership with Roshan Renewables, aims to offer a cleaner, safer and more energy efficient cookstove to households in rural Nigeria by replacing inefficient three stone stoves with efficient Improved Cookstoves (ICS). Over 69% of Nigeria’s population cooks with solid fuel in inefficient traditional…

Wastewater Treatment

We own and operate five Anaerobic Digester wastewater plants across Central and North Vietnam. These facilities treat wastewater from plants processing cassava roots and by doing so, both avoid methane emissions and supply renewable energy.

Village Forest Management

Agasco is currently collaborating with local NGOs and village forest communities to design and implement reforestation and peatland protection projects.

Upstream Emission Reductions

We develop projects that reduce the upstream emissions associated with oil and gas production. Such projects can involve energy efficiency, renewable energy, or the avoidance of gas flaring.

Renewable Energy

We are continually seeking opportunities to develop renewable energy projects for compliance and voluntary markets

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Through on the ground climate action we guide businesses towards the low carbon and net zero economy