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Assisting project owners to create high quality, verifiable and credible emission reductions.
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Consultancy service

Agasco is committed to helping companies navigate the best standards for emission reductions tailored to project demands and specifications. Our team of experts around the globe have extensive experience in greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives. We offer comprehensive and tailored services from project generation to completion, including producing project design documents and monitoring reports, overseeing project registration, defend validation and verification and arrange for issuance. 

The landscape for emission reduction development and standards is complex; Agasco identifies which standards align with project applicability and stays current on continually updated methodologies and eligibility requirements. 

AGASCO Experience
We have experience certifying projects under the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) under VERRA and Gold Standard to assure the highest quality emission reduction issuance. Each standard is aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Produce Project Design Documents

Project Design Documents (PDDs) contain essential technical and procedural information on project activity. This includes justification of approved baseline methodology, environmental assessments, monitoring plans, evidence of additionality, calculations and details of emission reduction or removals and associated emissions leaks generated by project activity.

Information presented in PDDs are requisite to the registration, verification, and validation of the project and subsequent issuance of carbon credits.


Produce Monitoring Reports

We provide clear, concise, and verifiable monitoring reports prepared in accordance with up-to-date guidance of chosen standard and methodology. Monitoring reports include calculations of greenhouse gas reductions or removals, analysis of supporting documentation, identification of project co-benefits and contributions to additional Sustainable Development Goals.


Project Registration

Projects will be assessed based on adherence to eligibility requirements and prepared to undergo rigorous assessments by third party auditors.

We will demonstrate compliance with current regulatory requirements and engage with accredited DOEs to ensure efficient project registration, verification, and validation.


Defend Validation, Verification & Arrange for Issuance


  • Review project data and technical documentation
  • Implement monitoring procedures in line with methodologies
  • Ensure that requirements and methodologies for each standard are met
  • Administer stakeholder consultation


  • Manage verification audit and respond to issues that arise


  • Oversee the entire life cycle through Issuance of credits
Through on the ground climate action we guide businesses towards the low carbon and net zero economy