Delivering Carbon Revenue to Project Owners and Communities
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Post-Issuance Services

After project registration and issuance, we work with project owners to manage verified emissions reductions and deliver carbon finance. By obtaining relevant national approvals and becoming a project participant, we can communicate with registry operators and effectively facilitate credit sales and transfers.



Project Marketing

We understand the importance of co-benefits to our buyers, so we work with project owners to deliver and celebrate their project’s broader contributions to sustainable development. Whether it’s community development, biodiversity protection, or public health improvements, each benefit can help to attract potential buyers. 

Project photography, videos, interviews, and testimonials all play a significant role in marketing emissions reductions to buyers in the voluntary market. In collaboration with project owners and local partners, we can produce a marketing package that demonstrates projects’ outstanding contributions to local communities and the environment.


Access An Established Buyer Network

Agasco has strong relationships with key buyers in Europe. These include governments, compliance buyers, investment banks, trading houses and investment funds. Many buyers favour spot transactions; however, we can negotiate forward deals or long-term offtake structures to suit project requirements.

Through our sister company G13+, we can also offer smaller volumes to our existing clients looking to take corporate climate action.

As well as established relationships, we can access online spot exchanges (CBL) or virtual auctions on behalf of project owners.


Policy and Market Briefs

To help our clients make informed decisions on project development and carbon finance, we closely follow international and national carbon market policies. We can provide regular market reports or specific policy updates on:

  • The Paris Agreement and Article 6 negotiations
  • Carbon taxes
  • Regional ETS programs 
  • Voluntary market development

Agasco is member of the Project Developer Forum, which brings diverse market experience and in-depth technical knowledge together during weekly meetings. Our participation enables us to monitor carbon market advancements and give practical, project-level issues a collective voice when communicating with project standards or market operators.

Through on the ground climate action we guide businesses towards the low carbon and net zero economy